Its Raining Purple All Over the World! Prince Nelson Rogers Dead at 57 |

I and the rest of the world is in shock right about now. The news just broke that Prince Nelson Rogers our beloved eclectic artist has died suddenly at the Paisley Park compound. Prince was 57 years old.

According to TMZ and most news sources are saying he was found dead at his Paisley Park compound in Minnesota.

Prince was a Jehovah Witness and I wonder if being a member of that religion had anything to do with this death since they do not believe in getting medical attention. No word on if foul play was involved.

Prince was last seen performing live on April 16, 2016. He asked the crowd to wait a few days and not to waste any prayers. I wonder if he knew he was reaching his last days.

Prince_Last Live Appearance

Some things are not sitting well with me about his death right about now, but more truthful information is forth coming.

Is this how you feel right about now?


Leave a comment below on how big of a Prince fan you are?

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