Damon Wayans Speaks Truth to the Bill Cosby Legacy Scandal – Breakfast Club Interview

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Damon Wayans spoke to the Breakfast Club’s morning radio show about Bill Cosby and the decimation of his legacy.  When asked about Hannibal Burress, The Ass who will be forever known as the man who brought down Bill Cosby. To have that label on your shoulders shows you what people will do for fame. I watched the Hannibal Burress Show and it was not funny. If you have the galls to bring down a comedy great at least be funny to help put your publicity in context.
I did not think Bill Cosby was guilty. I wrote a blog post about his attorney Monique Pressley. Read it here


Bill Cosby: The Proof is In The Pudding

I cannot keep count of how many woman have come forward but its hard for me to believe or pass judgement on Bill Cosby without any proof. I recently saw an interview from the Huffington Post with Bill Cosby’s Attorney Monique Pressley (@MoniquePressley). She answered questions about the allegations that have come forward. I do believe that If Johnny Cochran was still alive he would be all over this case but I digress. Ms. Pressley broke it down about how our judicial system is set-up and how she believes in a person getting a fair trail, and everyone is Innocent until Proven guilty in the Court of Law not Public Opinion. Bill Cosby’s case prompted her to start speaking out about how this man has been found guilty in the eyes of Public Opinion and not having a trial to really address these horrific allegations.

Do you remember the New York Magazine cover with all the women who accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault, well I cannot pass judgement until there is Proof! Not one of these women brought forth any evidence that Bill Cosby assaulted them only their story that is being reported by the media. If you are able to tell your story then answer the question of why you did not come forward especially if you were paid through a settlement.

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Photo Credit: Amanda Demme/New York Magazine

These allegations date back years and Ms. Pressley makes so many valid points.  All Rape Counseling Centers tell all women who have been through rape to visit a hospital or medical facility where a record can be created. The debate and discussion about Bill Cosby’s legacy are based off of allegations at this point.  If Bill Cosby has never been brought to justice and tried in a court of law its unfair in my opinion to persecute someone like what is happening.

Where is the Proof? Watch the interview below of Monique Pressley answering the questions that the media is clearly avoiding to discuss. Talk about how to do a smear campaign with no proof whatsoever .

Monica-Butler-Domestic-Violence-VictimAccording to  A woman by the name of Monica Butler Johnson was killed by her husband who beat her to death with a baseball bat. She had endured years of domestic abuse but never cooperated with authorities to get justice. This is an example of the pain and suffering a person should not have to endure without seeking some type of help. This sad situation could have been prevented or does someone have to die before we take action. The same goes for a lot of the women who are accusing Bill Cosby of abuse. The numbers would not be so high if someone brought forward some proof back when it happened.

Leave me a Comment if You Feel Monique Pressley was on point with Bill Cosby’s Defense? Do you think these woman are victims or trying to be victorious in getting a settlement out of Bill Cosby with no Proof?