Columbus Short, Scandal, ABC, Domestic Violence

Ex-Gladiator Columbus Short Gets Off, Gets Arrested Again For His Scandalous Behavior

Columbus Short, Scandal, ABC, Domestic Violence

Its sad when you see a brother literally throw his career away over some Scandalous behavior. Ex-Gladiator Columbus Short finally appeared in court where he received 3 years probation, 30 Days of Community service, and 52 Weeks of Aggressive Behavior Abusive program for 52 weeks.

Short traveled to Barbados for a charity event when the judge issued the arrest warrant for his ass last week! Im praying that he takes his meds otherwise he will be resorting to stage plays at the community theatre!


Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) and why these foods are not being labeled in America?

Fox News (shocking that it may be) did a story about GMOs in our food supply and why the FDA is not labeling these products here in America. Give thanks to opposing sides of the argument (chemical companies) that contribute to political campaigns is Why.

Watch the video and let me know if you take the time to read the labels of the foods you are eating. Will you begin to change your diet for the better now? Leave me a comment and let me know how you feel about GMOs in our food supply!

[VIDEO] Orange is the New Black Season 2 Trailer

The OITNB is coming Back in June!

The new trailer for the Netflix hit show Orange is the New Black was just released and oh am I excited!

The hit show debuted last summer and became an instant hit with viewers. The show created by Jenji Kohan and is based off of the book, Orange is the New Black, written by Piper Kerman.

tv shows, piper kerman, Taylor Schilling,P

Piper Kerman (left) writer of the Book, “Orange is the New Black” is , and Taylor Schilling plays the lead role as Piper Chapman.

The show has gained remarkable publicity for its awesome storylines and unforgettable characters.

Dating an A-list Celebrity may Boost Viewers

OITNB, Prepon, Tom Cruise, secretly dating, scientology swing

Catherine Cleary Wolters (left) is the woman who Prepon’s character Alex Vause is based from. Its rumored that Scientology Swingers Prepon and Tom Cruise are dating.

It is rumored that one of the main characters of the show is secretly dating Tom Cruise.  Julie Prepon plays Alex Vause, the ex-girlfriend to the antagonist character Piper Chapman. Prepon’s character is based off a woman named Catherine Cleary Wolters.

At one point Prepon was not going to return to the show, but now according to BuzzFeed that notion has seemed to have changed.


Multiple sources confirm that Prepon will be in four episodes of Season 2, which premieres June 6. After Season 1 filmed, Prepon, who had only a one-season contract, decided she did not want to commit to being a series regular, and opted not to come back. After the show became Netflix’s biggest hit, and the tidal wave of viewer sorrow nearly drowned Prepon, Netflix, and the show’s creator, Jenji Kohan, the plan was rejiggered for Prepon to return for four Season 2 episodes (instead of a mere one), and to leave things open for heavier involvement in the presumed third season. 


Glad to hear she re-negotiated her contract for the better. And if she and Tom are on the road to Scientology Swinging love then good for her!

Be sure to catch the premiere of the Orange is the New Black on Netflix June 6. 

Are you caught up in watching all the seasons of the Orange is the New Black? Leave me a comment below on what you think of the show?

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Is there A Positive Relationship Going on Between Drake & Rihanna?

Is there A Positive Relationship Going on Between Drake & Rihanna?

Drake and Rihanna have been spending quite a bit of time together. Hope it turns out to be a positive relationship between two artists. Time will tell!

August Osage County Movie Poster

August Osage County Movie Poster

I recently saw the film August: Osage County starring Meryl Streep. The first 5 minutes of the film I had said to myself, “Wow, this woman is acting her ass off!” I was truly blown away of how poetically Streep portrayed the character of a drug addict coping with the loss of her husband.