Oprah Tells Iyala: I’ll Fix Your House | Airs Nov. 29 OWN Network

For my Iyala Vanzant Friends out There, Will you be watching your girl get her House fixed?

The Book of Ann-Frances

Oprah Does it Again!

I just love Iyala Vanzant’s tv show I’ll Fix Your Life. The tables have been turned and Oprah is going to fix Iyala’s home with the help from Interior Design Expert Ken Burkin. Be sure to tune into OWN on Nov. 29th for this epic episode.

Watch the trailer below.

I don’t know why but I started to tear up when I watched that:)

Will you be tuning in to Iyala’s Fix my House episode on OWN airing Nov. 29th? Leave me a comment if you get teary eyed watching Iyala’s shows, I know I do!

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How to be a Good Sistah to Your Sister: Beyonce with Solange at the Made in America Festival

Made in America Festival

Rumors had surfaced of Solange not being at the VMAs in support for her sister Beyonce last weekend. Beyonce squashed that BS and posted this pic to her Instagram account from the Made in America Festival. This is a great shot of “How to Be a Good Sistah to Your Sister!”

Being the only girl with three older brothers, I sometimes would wish that I had a sister. My mother has a sister and she would send me to her sister’s house for the summer so I could be around my girl cousins. Although I may not have any biological sisters, I try and practice being a Good Sister to My Fellow Sisters out there.

Throughout it all you still see Solange right there by her sister’s side. She is proud and her and honored to be her sister. That is a bond no one can break, not even mainstream media. Im delighted to highlight all my Sistahs out there, continue to mentor your sisters, be a comforting ear when necessary, and love each other as if you are “Blood”. 

Despite the negative press Beyonce and her sister Solange always get, (Especially After the Elevator Debacle) Im glad to post something Positive that we rarely reflect on. How to be a Good Sister to Your Sister!

Leave me a comment on if you have a Sister, or if you don’t….Who do you feel is your Sister, that person You Always Looked Out for?


Columbus Short, Scandal, ABC, Domestic Violence

Ex-Gladiator Columbus Short Gets Off, Gets Arrested Again For His Scandalous Behavior

Columbus Short, Scandal, ABC, Domestic Violence

Its sad when you see a brother literally throw his career away over some Scandalous behavior. Ex-Gladiator Columbus Short finally appeared in court where he received 3 years probation, 30 Days of Community service, and 52 Weeks of Aggressive Behavior Abusive program for 52 weeks.

Short traveled to Barbados for a charity event when the judge issued the arrest warrant for his ass last week! Im praying that he takes his meds otherwise he will be resorting to stage plays at the community theatre!