(VIDEO) Taraji P. Henson Reveals Her Vulnerable Sides with Her Weave Hair | Empire | Entertainment Tonight

Taraji P. Henson reveals her vulnerable side during some behind the scenes moments of her new photo shoot with CR Book. Thanks to Entertainment Tonight catch the video.

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Bobbi Kristina Brown Dead at 22 years

Bobbi Kristina Brown - Bobby Brown - Whitney Houston
So sad to hear that Bobbi Kristina has passed on to be with her mother. The circumstances surrounding her death has led to an investigation of her ex-brother/boyfriend Nick Gordon. More about Bobbi Kristina’s death will surface. At this time prayers need to be sent for her grandmother Cissy Houston.
According to Celeb TV

Sad situation.

Do you think it was foul play surrounding Bobbi Kristina’s death? Leave a comment below!

Just Call Me Caitlyn Said The Old Bruce Jenner!

Vanity Fair, Three Sides 2 The Truth, Caitlyn Jenner, LGBT

Bruce Jenner has finally released the shackles of being a man. He She has introduced herself as Caitlyn on the June 2015 Cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Wow what a looker?

I must say he she doesn’t look that bad in the face as a woman. We are living in an age where things that were once considered taboo or a secret left in the dark, its now a topic in the limelight Front and Center!

Bruce, Jenner, Caitlyn, LGBT

How do you explain a person who is born feeling trapped inside of their own body? I do not believe that a person decides to be a transgender, it has to be something instilled in them from birth. And the only question to ask is to the Creator. If your God created all of his children with love then we should not be judging Caitlyn, we need to just accept those things we cannot explain.

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Loretta Lynch-First Female US Attorney General

Loretta Lynch, First Black Female US Attorney General Swearing In Ceremony

Loretta Lynch, US Attorney General Nominee

Watch history in the making!

Loretta Lynch has been sworn in as the First Black Female United States Attorney General. Vice President Biden gave her the oath and stated,

Its About Time!

This is a great day in America but Attorney General Lynch has some big shoes to fill since Eric Holder decided to step down early last year. Lynch’s nomination was deliberately and intentially held up, and is now labeled as the longest delayed nomination in history thanks to the Republicans. That will not out shine the fact that Lynch is the first woman to hold that position. On Thursday, April 23 the Senate voted  56-43 solidifying the nomination.

Mrs. Lynch is also a member of the 101 year old service organization Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Check out the swearing in ceremony below.

Leave a comment on what you think will be the Attorney General’s first task to help clean up America? I hope its cleaning up the  injustices that is occurring within the police, but I digress!

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Botulism Outbreak – 1 Death, 23 Ill from Church Potluck Dinner

potluck-dinner-outbreak-cedar pointe churchAccording to the Associated Press, one person is dead and 23 people are suffering from a case of Botulism. The Cedar Point Baptist Church in Lancaster, OH reported the outbreak occurred from a potluck dinner event.

According to WCPO Cincinnati:

Dr. Andrew Murry with the Fairfield Medical Center said a botulism antitoxin arrived in Ohio at around midnight Wednesday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It was then distributed to the several central Ohio hospitals treating the 23 patients with suspected cases of botulism.

Doctors are waiting on test results to confirm the illness, but doctors are fairly certain it’s botulism, Murry said.

Symptoms include blurred or double vision, drooping eyelids, difficulty swallowing and shortness of breath.

Doctors are also confident the illness is specific to those who attended the potluck, not a communitywide outbreak.

Here is the website where I initially read about this story. Look at the image they used to show what type of people suffered from this tragic event.

Don’t get it twisted, but know the truth!

Its sad that journalism does not require research anymore, and you wonder why black men are being killed by the cops, and racism still exists. I had to blog about it because it pisses me off to know that truths are not being revealed. That is why Three Sides to the Truth was created to do just that, reveal the Positive truth.

Leave me a comment if you read about this story today, and if you knew it was a Caucasian church in Ohio that had the Botulism outbreak at a potluck dinner. 

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