New Film 411: Eric Ramsey’s CainAbel | Los Angeles Wrap Party

CainAbel Wrap Party LA.jpgLast night the Indie film CainAbel written and directed by Eric Ramsey was held at a venue in Beverly Hills, CA. The film stars Gary Sturgis and Rhonda Morman.

Cain Abel Film Rhona Morman Gary Sturgis.jpg

Rhonda Morman (Eve) and Gary Sturgis (Adam)

Check out the trailer below

CainAbel is the 2nd short film within 2 years for Eric Ramsey. In 2010, he co-wrote, executive produced and starred in Black Rain. Eric wrote, directed, and produced Unspeakable Indiscretions that is receiving rave reviews throughout film festivals across the country.  CainAbel, is a modern-day version of the biblical story about Adam and Eve’s sons.


Eric Ramsey CainAbel Film

Eric B. Ramsey, Producer CainAbel

Ramsey created the Rammys which were to honor and recognize those that worked on the film. Some of the comical awards were Best Prostitute, Best Funeral Attendee, Best Prisoner, and Best White Supremacist to name a few.

Rammys Best Prostitute Cain Abel Wrap Party

Angela Devin, Rammys Award for Best Prostitute



Calvin Tenner (Older Cain), Antoine Holmes (Younger Cain) , Spencer Holmes (Younger Abel, Melvin Tenner (Older Abel) #CainAbleWrapParty

The party was entertaining to say the least. There was a comedian to keep the crowd going by the name of Joe Fox. There was a fashion show produced by fashion Designer Leontine Abdullah showcasing a few of her designs. A few singers graced the stage including Sabrena Whitley Robinson also a cast member for CainAbel.



Cast Members Sabrena Whitley Robinson and Rob Webb


Cast Member Emily Gradin (Stacy) and Guest



Comedian Joe Fox


Singer Performance



Pieces from the Leontine Collection




Leontine Abdullah and her models (who are competing to travel with Leontine to Paris and London for Fashion Weeks.) The Leontine Collection

Others in attendance

Kay Harris CainAble Undercover Detective

Mistress of Ceremonies Ms. Kay Harris PR (Undercover Detective, CainAbel)



Gary Washington Set Designer CainAbel

Keith Washington, Set Designer #CainAbel


Antoine Holmes (Young Cain), Rhonda Morman (Eve), Spencer Holmes (Young Abel)

Miles Brock LAHHLA

Realty TV Star Miles Brock (Love and Hip Hop LA) showed some love


CainAbel will be premiered on May 5 in Los Angeles. Subscribe to ThreeSides2TheTruth and stay up to date on more about this movie.

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